Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Three Ministers

Three ministers, a Methodist minister, a Presbyterian minister, and a Baptist minister were good friends though competiters; as were their wives. Unfortunately, due to a catastrophic bus accident, the three couples appeared together at the Pearly Gates and sought admittance.

The Methodist minister and his missus walked up and asked to come in. St. Peter said, “No, I can’t let you in.” The Methodist minister asked, “Why not?” St. Peter said, “You liked alcohol so much that you married a girl named Brandi.”

That couple walked away unhappy.

The Presbyterian minister and his wife walked up and asked to come in. St. Peter said, “I can’t let you in.” The Presbyterian minister also asked, “Why not?” St. Peter said, “You liked money so much you married a girl named Penny.”

They walked away unhappy also.

The Baptist minister then said to his wife, “No use in us going up there. Come on Fannie.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Texas Aggie Joke

Two Aggies bunk together at school and on a Sunday morning one decides he’s going to attend church. He leaves and is gone several hours. When he comes back he’s got two black eyes.

His roommate says to him, “Wow, what happened to you! I thought you were going to church.”

The other Aggie said, “I did go to church”.

His roommate looked confused. “But how did you get those two black eyes?”

“Well, it’s simple really. The church I decided to go to didn’t have air conditioning. So when the service got going, it was really hot in there and all of us were sweating up a storm. Then when we got up to sing the first hymn, I noticed the kinda big woman in front of me had her dress stuck up between her butt so I reached over and yanked it out!”

“Ohhhh,” said the Aggie roommate, “that explains one black eye, how’d you get the other one?”

“Well”, the beatup Aggie said, “After she hit me so hard I figured she must have wanted it there so I tucked it back in!”