Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Plus-Sized Women and Sex

According to the results of a survey by FreeDating.co.uk, a British dating site, plus-sized women are more likely to put out on the first date, as compared to their slimmer sisters. Also, women who are medium drinkers, lovers of cars, and who are barflies also tend to have sex sooner. Bicyclists tend to be significantly less likely to have sex on the first date. Maybe their cycling makes them tired, and they turn in early. On the other hand, guy bicyclists, riding on those seats, may be both tireder and lower in testosterone as a result on the friction against the bicycle seat.

Can it be that larger women, in their anxiety to connect with guys, feel that they must play the sex card earlier in order to sustain the interest of the guys that they do date? They may also pursue guys through attendance at NASCAR events. To my way of thinking, considering the typical males in attendance, that is being desperate!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taxing the Wealthy: Managing the Sale of the Idea

The latest proposal by President Obama to increase the taxes that the wealthy and corporations pay really is being poorly sold. The disclaimer that it isn't a shot in class warfare, but simple math somehow is not convincing.

It is class warfare: the middle class against the wealthy.

And the President is making a tactical error by that disclaimer.

In my opinion, what he needs to do is to reify the concept of the wealthy. Most of us know personally few people that are the rich. Having lived in Minot and living in Grand Forks does that. What are the wealthy like? We automatically think of some person like Mr. Lodge, with his spoiled daughter Veronica, as a prototype. But, unless we're Betty Cooper on her bad day, that doesn't work up much class envy. What the President needs to do to sell his tax bill is to identify who might be affected by this increase in taxes: Hollywood actors and producers, members of the U.S. Senate, NY Times Columnists (yes you, TF and PK!!!!), the penthouse cattle on HGTV's "Selling New York," various residents in Massachuetts, New York, and California, limousine liberals, Rush Limbaugh, Division I football and basketball coaches, NFL owners, college presidents, stockbrokers, bankers, the Kennedys, and so forth.

If he was to follow that approach, even most working conservatives, as opposed to trust fund babies, would leap up in support.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tonight's the Night!

A college sorority was having an eveing discussion about intimate topics; and the topic of special interest was the frequency of getting The Feeling. That is, self-pleasuring.

"How many here," asked one girl, "do it more than once a day?" Five girls raised their hands.

"And how many do it once a day? Ten hands went up.

"How many twice a week?" Eight hands went up.

"Once a month?" Four hands were raised.

"And how may every six months? Three hands went up.

A girl in the back who was broadly smiling did not answer at any time, so the girl asking the questions asked her "How often did you pleasure yourself this year?"

"I get The Feeling only once a year."

The questioner was astonished, and asked her who she was so overjoyed about.

Flush with excitement, the girl said, ''Tonight's the night!''

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The F, M, K Game and Congress

This is a party game played at girls' parties after the celebrants have had a few drinks and are relaxed. It's also called F**k, Marry, Kill (sometimes abbreviated FMK). This is a forced choice game in which the player(s) are asked to assign a given group of three people into which ones they would like to have sex with, wed or murder respectively, and to explain why. The group most often consists of objects of the players' sexual interest. However, it has been also used when the choices are politicians, clergymen, television personalities, country singers, and the like.

Frankly, in order for this game to work, the players must be unhibited!

But my point. Could we play this game with Congresspersons or television commentators?

I can think of a lot of Congresspersons to fall in the "K" category; but filling the "F" and the "M" categories is much harder.

And what about political commentators? Where would James, Keith, and Bill fall?