Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Selecting a Stripper Name

Becoming an erotic dancer is a dream for many girls, but is rarely actualized in fact. However, for those who have the stamina, vision and dedication for the long hours and practice with pole-dancing and disrobing routines, there may be a lot of loose fives and tens in your future.

The first step to becoming an erotic dancer is choosing a good stage name. Your nom-de-strip should be exciting alluring, and exotic; and as any professional dancer will tell you, classy. It may help you to understand by remembering that those types of names include those of fruit, cars and precious stones.

The Fruit Category: Not all fruits make good names for dancer. For instance, who wants to see some woman named Bananas or Apricot grinding on stage? Are you kidding? Only in Jersey, maybe. Select a cute name like Cherry or Peaches, and watch the money accumulate in your G-string.

The Car Category: A man’s two favorite hobbies -- fast cars and faster women -- provide you with great choices, if you do it right. The best car names are the really expensive ones like Porsche or Mercedes. Remember to stay away from American brands such as Mini Cooper or Dodge Aries K or Chevrolet. As stage names go, those suck.

The Precious stones Category: As a general rule the more expensive the stone, the better the stage name. No one will every get sick of names like Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby or Opal. Zircon or Mica: not so much.

If you really want to get creative, then try combining your real name with a defining characteristic. If your name starts with a B you have plenty of choices from Busty Brenda to Belinda Big Boobs. If your name starts with an M, try Mandy Mountains or Misty Mammaries.


  1. As someone who has seen a few performances by exotic dancers, this article seems to make sense. One was named Rubye, and another was Jade.

  2. The legendary Blaze Starr had a memorable name; and a legendary BF.

  3. Apricot does sound like an interesting name for a pole dancer!