Saturday, January 19, 2013


Because the P.C. NCAA forbids its members from having Native American mascots, the University of North Dakota is currently mascotless.

Frankly, while I think that the NCAA sucks, going mascotless is a refreshing twist instead of coming up with an NCAA-approved mascot chosen just because one is needed.  Like Arkansas State's Red Wolves, for instance.  Who has even seen one? 

And the fact that some teams have still have ethnic mascots means that the double standard is official NCAA policy.  Or do they fear the wrath of the Notre Dame crowd?


  1. They need to go with something opposite like 'The Calvary' or 'The Pioneers' or 'The Civilizers'.

  2. It is good not to rush into choosing a new mascot. Maybe it will, be a funny or interesting one.

  3. Banana Oil, I hope you will start posting again.