Monday, January 6, 2014

Florida Banana Oil

Seeing that I'm in between jobs, and Mom and Dad have recently retired to Florida, I've decided to have a change of latitude and attitude.  (Too much Jimmy Buffet, IMO.)  Anyway, they're looking at Fort Myers, and they invited me to live down there with them until I decide to get my own place.

I've just about had it with the cold.  Coping with North Dakota can be nerve-racking, and just the desire for a more relaxed life is a sizeable draw.

I'll probably have to be casually employed for a while; but this seems like a good move despite the fact that ND has this sudden boom economy.  It's a quality of life thing.


  1. In all likelihood, you will like living in Florida. Some parts of it have more traffic; and in southern Florida it's often in the 80's around Christmas, but most people like that.

    Best wishes on your planned move.

  2. Life is a trade off. My cousin lives in Orlando. You're trading some cold months for year round bugs.

  3. It can be so invigorating to adapt to a new set of living conditions. You go, girl!

  4. I don't like Florida. It's too hot, too flat, and the bugs are too big. I don't like lots of snow, but I do really like four seasons.

  5. Best wishes on the move to Florida.