Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fargo on Television

Last night the FX series "Fargo" begun.  It was filmed largely in Bemidji, MN and Brainerd, MN; but the landscape is pretty much the same.

It was a bleak vision of human nature, with the fictional Fargo peopled with mousy men, bullies, shrewish wives all talking in a parody of the regional accent.

Moreover, there was too many commercials.  There must have been at least a half-hour's worth.  That's overkill, but I know those cable channels have to make ends meet somehow.

Anyway, I found it disappointing.  And being showed so late (11 P.M.) that it was hard to stay awake after a busy evening.

I will give it another shot; but I hope it picks up.


  1. Wait, cable's not supposed to have commercials. That's why you pay for it! Pay TV, no commercials, right?

  2. I watched it, and it was okay. Billy Bob Thornton was the star and did menace well.

  3. I enjoy watching TV and waiting for the show breaks between commercials.