Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sleeping on the Sofa

In general, living with my  parents has not posed any problems; but there are occasional bumpy spots now and then.  One of these that could have been painful occurred recently, when my boyfriend Matt and I fell asleep while watching television.

It was due to simple exhaustion, we both work long, unusual hours.

Anyway, we were cuddled on the sofa when he fell asleep while having his hand in my tee.  I was utterly relaxed, and I thought I'd savor the moment by closing my eyes also.  That was not a good plan.

Several hours later, he woke me up and we found that we were covered by a light blanket.  This totally surprised us; but then I figured out that Mom and Dad came home and one of them covered us up.

Just like when I was a little girl and I would fall asleep on the sofa.

Matt went home, not aware of what had transpired while we were asleep.

The next day, I expected a scolding, as my parents are proper Lutherans.  We never discussed their house rules, so I had been going on the assumption that they were the same as when I was a teen and very clearly we had been making out.  Desultorily, it seems, as we both fell asleep! 

However, my Mom said, "Maybe you and Matt would be more comfortable in your room?"   She definitely loosened up in the past few years.


  1. Have you checked for pictures on Facebook?

  2. A movement to Florida does tend to make many people become more easy-going.

  3. It seems that life is going very well for you now!

  4. Now, that's my kind of mother!