Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fearless Presidential Election Prediction

Having seen both the Republicans and Democrats in their debate modes, and with the passage of time, I make my fearless prediction as to next year's election choices.

1. Hillary Rodham Clinton bests Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, after a Draft Biden movement loses steam. She names Elizabeth Warren as her running mate, but she passes in order to run in 2020.  Some nobody Democrat fills in for their Vice-Presidential candidate.

2.  The Republicans, after a struggle, become so divided that delegates bolt the party. The Rump Republicans nominate Donald Trump for President, and Ben Carson for Vice-President.

3.  Dissidents from both parties form a third party with some conciliatory bows to both the left and the right. They draft Rand Paul and Jim Webb as running mates. Call them the Moderate Party.

4. In the general election, Hillary Rodham Clinton wins; and the Moderate Party candidates come in second. Too many people were put off by the Trumpster.

5.  America wakes up on the first Wednesday of November with a monsterous hangover and buyers' remorse.


  1. That's a good guess, but I don't know about a third party doing that well.

  2. I could quibble with details, but I think you're pretty much on the money. I think the GOP is too crazy and self-destructive to win, and I don't like Hillary Clinton. I'd like Bernie Sanders to get the Democratic nod, but I don't think he can win in a general election when the conservative crazies gang up on him ... I think they'd vote for a Trump ticket before they'd throw their support to a "democratic socialist." Good analysis!

  3. Jim Webb sounds really good now.

  4. I think you could give Nate Silver a run for his money with this analysis.

  5. I don't know about a third party doing that well.

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