Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bikini Waxing and The Rapture

Since we don't know when this apocalytic event will occur, and the saved are often depicted as being taken up to heaven in their birthday suits. And I believe that I should be as presentable as possible on that occasion: brush teeth regularly, bathe, brush my hair, shave my legs, and so forth. Since I get waxed on occasion, should I do it more frequently so as to look my best?

What do you folks think?


  1. I think I'm going to need a little better frame of reference before rendering an opinion.

  2. I think a nice Brazilian and wearing makeup would be a careful move. Heaven is open to the fashionistas too.

  3. Soppose God prefers it hairy, like natural.

  4. Shave or wax, both do the job. Whether preparing for a cruise or the rapture, do it!

  5. You should feel real good, having a bottom like that! If you got in, flaunt it!

  6. Is this some kind of cult belief?

  7. Although it may be one of the most painful experiences of your life, a bikini wax is a great confidence booster and an excellent look for bikini season. I usually schedule mine for late April, right around the time I leave for my annual Florida trip to Disney World. Love the fresh feeling while at the pools.

  8. How many cosmetologists can dance on the head of a pin?!

  9. If its a good booster of confidence then it makes sense to do it. Greetings!

  10. Please continue.
    And thank you for looking that damn good.

  11. Q: wonder why I get 4? 5? responses in
    my yeeeeeers of blogging?
    A: people DO NOT prefer to think about
    the unknown, they prefer to think of
    the transitory... and thats guhroovy.
    But, yet, 1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, baby
    and if you aint ready to go Upstairs,
    you'll either go to Purgatory or Hell.
    I hope you'll goto Purgatory.
    Lemme wanna gonna give you a hint, dear:

    Coming to my BIG-ol,
    John Belushi, party-hardy
    in illustrious Seventh-Heaven:
    which YOU sooo deserve ..??

    ...yet, gotta quit materialism
    N whorizontal vanity: God's Rules
    aint crippling; sin is crippling.

    Yes, earthling, Im an NDE,
    I know now s'up... literally.
    God bless you with discernment.
    Make Your Choice -SAW