Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Realities of Life in North Dakota

Some person from the Sun Belt asked me little ways in which life here is different. In no attempt at subtlety, I listed a few:

1. If you leave your beer bottles outside all night during the winter, you can have a beer popsickle.

2. People do not think it strange to eat two kinds of pie for breakfast.

3. Bridal lingerie showers almost always include longjohns for a bridal gift.

4. People actually have an abiding interest in hockey.

5. The vice squad in Fargo goes off duty at 10 P.M., as the doxies leave the street.

6. Minneapolis is considered Sin City.

7. The Grand Forks Herald is the state's premier newspaper.

8. They charge admission to wedding dances in some towns.

9. Our Red River floods.

10. North Dakota was too cold for Custer, who once went AWOL.

11. Lesbians ridge on floats in parades.

12. Theodore Roosevelt and the Marquis de Mores were important state historical figures.

13. When citing famous North Dakotans, they cite Peggy Lee, Lawrence WElk, and Roger Maris.

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