Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time for Troll Sensitivity

There's an unfortunate term that has come into usage on the internet, and I insist that it is offensive and discriminatory to the real persons. After all, sensitive people have come to abhor and disapprove of such expressions as "&%# him down," "#%&@#* verdict,$%*&#@ rigging," "$%# salad," and so forth. And, rightly, they should.

The term I take exception to is the common internet use of the term "troll." Now a real troll is a member of an anthropomorph race that inhabited Scandinavia originally. However, had some of its members migrated to Minnesota and North Dakota. They tend to be isolated, secretive, and ordinarily have only indirect exchange encounters with humans. They sometimes benefit the human race by exchanging troll babies for the degenerate human ones and thus reinvigorate the human species line.

To call internet troublemakers "trolls" is an injustice to this worthy race of our fellow creatures. Also, we should take care not to associate cannibalism with trollism. (Most subsist on frogs and birds' eggs.) Also, they are not hairy or physically unattractive; in fact, some of the prominent fashion models are really troll changlings. As a matter of fact, if a man encounters a fashionably-dressed women in the forest, she is probably a lipstick lesbian troll. She would, however, be better described as a lutefisk lesbian, after their favorite food.

It's time to give our fellow Troll-Americans their place in the sun and their own character on Grey's Anatomy! The Pro-Troll Defamation League is mobilizing and plans some demonstrations in Minneapolis, Mankato, Duluth, and Fargo soon.

Uff da!

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