Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TSA as a Sex Coach

Apparently a female passenger had her bag inspected by a TSA Agent, and she/he left an inspection report with on offhand note on the side: GET YOR FREAK ON GIRL

An article in Gawker referred to the ambivalence of this missive: hilarious vs. Horrifying. Finally, it went with horrifying lite.

Duh, only a moron would have failed to remember that TSA does inspect some bags, and an alert agent apparently did so.

And, rather than getting on a high horse, the agent enclosed this supportive note. Is this part of the softer side of TSA?
Is TSA now to serve as surrogate sex coaches?

An unanswered question: was the TSA Agent who wrote this male or female? Straight or gay? I think we can take it as a given that the Agent was not a Fundamentalist.


  1. It was probably another female. Straight or gay.

    "Get your frek on" is open to interpretation.