Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Use for Tampons

News reports from Phoenix suggest that teenagers are getting high by utilizing tampons which are soaked in vodka first before inserted in their vaginas. This method appears to be very effective due to the fact that the alcohol gets absorbed directly and quickly into the bloodstream without any barrier or stomach acid to mitigate its effects. A Super Tampon can hold the equivalent of a shot of vodka. Definitely, this can cause the user to walk funny!

This new kind of way of getting drunk is not limited to girls: guys find a similar success if they were to insert a vodka-soaked Tampon into their rectums. You might say that the vodka rectumed!

The esthetics of alcohol consumption are very primitive: straight spirits are used in the Tampons. No one administers herself a vaginally-absorbed screwdriver or piledriver or Harvey Wallbanger.

I'm exceedingly dubious about this. Not so much the fact, but the advisability of doing so. One's lady parts should be treated with more delicacy, and the long-range consequences of this unorthodox means of intaking alcohol are unknown.

The practice of doing this may have a consequence. Have you ever had to be checked out by a male cashier when you're buying Tampons? No imagine the look you would get if you buy both vodka and Tampons!

The teens in Phoenix have a misconception, though. Taking in alcohol in this manner does not foil the Breathanalyzer test!


  1. I was told that you could get high by introducing alcohol rectally, but I never thought in detail about the method of insertion. (Ouch!) The same principle, and dangers, apply to alcohol introduced intravaginally.

  2. Doing that is incredibly stupid! What effects does doing that have on vaginal tissue? Jeeesh!

  3. Alcohol is too good to use except orally.

  4. This sounds like a hoot to try.