Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Foreign Languages?

In an age in which global awareness and the international context for commerce, travel, and other things, it is advantageous for all students to learn a foreign language.

But maybe that's a view that contributes to the moronic view expressed in this sign.  Maybe we should be disposed to regard the reality that is: we have large numbers of people in the United States that speak a language other than English.  Maybe after a while, they will learn some English.  But should that be mandatory?  In general, people will acquire a second language if it is necessary for them to function.

But our non-English speakers should be regarded as a possible asset that might be drawn on in some situation in the future.

But, maybe we could get out of this thinking by adopting a general rule:  Every child, during the course of her or his education, should be able to speak and write in two languages: the original language and a second one among those offered in he schools.

But, this is important:  Have qualified teachers of those second languages!


  1. That's a great idea! But get them to study math and science too.

  2. Any new immigrant population will have their own community where people will only speak the native language. It happened with the Germans, the Czechs, the Italians, etc. It's the second generation and then the third where the native language disappears.

  3. That's pretty much the history of immigrants to this or practically any other country. They move into a specific locality whether others speak the language, and provide some of the services that remind them of where they came from.

  4. Whoops . . . .I misspelled "foreign" in the title. Thanks for being kind, and not ragging me on it.