Friday, June 13, 2014

A No-Show for the Prom, But Still a Class Act

Talia Maselli of Newington, Connecticut wanted to go to her high school prom only if she could go with "the most delightful man in all of America"; so she wrote to invite Vice President Joe Biden!

Biden, very much married, couldn't make it, but sent a handwritten card and a corsage he picked out — baby's breath, white roses and red, white and blue ribbons.  Talia received this corsage the day before the scheduled prom. 

She thought that Biden was funny and "would be fun to hang out with."

She had threatened, if he turned her down, to invite Speaker John Boehner.

Joe Biden and Talia Maselli may meet at the White House in July.

This Republican girl thinks that he was really cool!


  1. That was a nice gesture. Wouldn't it have been cool if he showed up for the prom?

  2. The prom might not be as much fun with all the secret service guys around.