Thursday, July 10, 2014

Who's Bra?

It was track season in my junior year of high school and the girls had to practice with the boys the unit on track and field.  I hated these mixed classes; I felt like a cow. 
Because it was the day before wash day, I was down to a tight-fitting, constricting strapless bra.  It posed no problem under my PE clothes.  We stretched we as a group and then went out to the track to learn how to toss the discus.  It was really hard and unpleasant the discus was really heavy. It was then that I realized that my bra had come looser and was hanging by not all the hooks!  Oh, crap!

I couldn't re-hook it now because all the boys were watching, so when it came my turn I grabbed the discus and got ready to throw. My back was aching and I felt like I was going to puke - hoping that my bra wouldn't come off.  As soon as I threw it, things felt more comfortable.  Oh no!  My bra made a quick snapping noise, slid off from under my gym shirt, and landed on the ground.

It was pink and lacy.

That gave everyone something to talk about for a day. 

I got over it.


  1. So you threw the discus so hard some of your clothes exploded. Awesome.

  2. Those sort of things are not pleasant to experience; they lose their sting with time. Usually. A great story.

  3. Great story. Throwing the discus is such a pain. But, surprisingly, it allowed an advertisement of your feminity.

  4. I'll bet it made some of the javelins rise.

  5. Teen boys will have any excuse for that. What was traumatic at the time now seems amusing. Time does heal things.

  6. I'm very glad to hear you had a pink lacy bra on (or off - whatever)....I'd be scared to cross paths in a dark alley with some of the female discus throwers you see on tv.