Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Lingerie of the Mid-West

Here's a concise map giving the Official State Lingerie for the different states of the Heartland, and the Forlorn Land.

Well, Connecticut has an official State Nut and New Mexico has a State Tie. Why not some states having a state lingerie? North Dakota can have full-sized panties, Ohio can adopt crotchless panties as its own, and uptight Kansas can go with pajamas. William Allen White missed this in his editorial, "What's the Matter With Kansas?"


  1. KS would need twin beds to go along with the PJs. Wouldn't want people to think they were sleeping together.

  2. KS is funny!

    Does no one go undie-less in the Midwest?

  3. I'm surprised that long john lingerie isn't the state lingerie in the northern plains.

  4. Looking a bit more to the south, one might expect the official state lingerie for Texas to be the camouflage-pattern bra and panties with built-in holster and knife sheath. Lends new meaning to the term, "going commando."

  5. Wouldn't want people to think they were sleeping together.

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