Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to increase customer satisfaction and to improve our product, we ask that you respond to this questionnaire and send it postpaid to USAF Survey Command, Omaha, NB.

1. Have we been prompt in providing bombing services in your country?

2. Are you satified with the selection of bombs that we have dropped on you?

3. Do you find our aircraft to be sparkling and attractively painted?

4. Have we also provided you with the complimentary missle package?

5. Please rate the quality of service delivered:

a. Radar infiltration excellent good fair poor

b. Tactical bombing excellent good fair poor

c. Follow-up excellent good fair poor

d. Delivery service with smile
excellent good fair poor

e. Strategc delivery excellent good fair poor

6. How may we improve our service to you?

"Peace is our Profession"

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