Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Bet Your Ass

People dealing with the realities of entertainment in small towns, even with cable television, often have to become quite creative. In Horse's Butt, North Dakota the communal entertainment came in the form of a quiz program challenge. Now this included some features of The Price Is Right, Do You Want To Be a Millionaire, and that old Grocho Marx program, You Bet Your Life. In order to make it interesting, the game included four contestants competing for a small amount of prize money. However, each contestant would have to put up his or her mule or donkey, with the loser losing said animal. Hence the title, You Bet Your Ass.

This innocent rural pastime had only a small pool of potential participants; not many people own four-legged asses. Therefore, in order to increase participation, some aspects were modified. No one had to pony up a draft animal. Instead, at the end of the contest, the winner collected the small stipend, and the loser had to turn around, face the curtain, and lower his or her jeans, long johns, briefs or panties, and moon the audience.

The local Lutheran minister preached against this pagan practice, but it continued nonetheless. Entertainment is hard to come by in some places.

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  1. In more inhibited places, this would be called You Bet Your Draft Animal.