Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tonight's the Night!

A college sorority was having an eveing discussion about intimate topics; and the topic of special interest was the frequency of getting The Feeling. That is, self-pleasuring.

"How many here," asked one girl, "do it more than once a day?" Five girls raised their hands.

"And how many do it once a day? Ten hands went up.

"How many twice a week?" Eight hands went up.

"Once a month?" Four hands were raised.

"And how may every six months? Three hands went up.

A girl in the back who was broadly smiling did not answer at any time, so the girl asking the questions asked her "How often did you pleasure yourself this year?"

"I get The Feeling only once a year."

The questioner was astonished, and asked her who she was so overjoyed about.

Flush with excitement, the girl said, ''Tonight's the night!''