Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The F, M, K Game and Congress

This is a party game played at girls' parties after the celebrants have had a few drinks and are relaxed. It's also called F**k, Marry, Kill (sometimes abbreviated FMK). This is a forced choice game in which the player(s) are asked to assign a given group of three people into which ones they would like to have sex with, wed or murder respectively, and to explain why. The group most often consists of objects of the players' sexual interest. However, it has been also used when the choices are politicians, clergymen, television personalities, country singers, and the like.

Frankly, in order for this game to work, the players must be unhibited!

But my point. Could we play this game with Congresspersons or television commentators?

I can think of a lot of Congresspersons to fall in the "K" category; but filling the "F" and the "M" categories is much harder.

And what about political commentators? Where would James, Keith, and Bill fall?


  1. Guys sometimes play this game too; but it's hard to play it when the only useable category is the "K" one.

  2. Wow, I've played that party game, but never with Congress. Sacher-Masoch must have made that version.

  3. I'm with Elvis. And professional political commentators should never be in the "M" category, as there are too many of them as it is, and nothing should be done to encourage their breeding.

  4. The F and M options are not a sound evolutionary strategy.