Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Plus-Sized Women and Sex

According to the results of a survey by FreeDating.co.uk, a British dating site, plus-sized women are more likely to put out on the first date, as compared to their slimmer sisters. Also, women who are medium drinkers, lovers of cars, and who are barflies also tend to have sex sooner. Bicyclists tend to be significantly less likely to have sex on the first date. Maybe their cycling makes them tired, and they turn in early. On the other hand, guy bicyclists, riding on those seats, may be both tireder and lower in testosterone as a result on the friction against the bicycle seat.

Can it be that larger women, in their anxiety to connect with guys, feel that they must play the sex card earlier in order to sustain the interest of the guys that they do date? They may also pursue guys through attendance at NASCAR events. To my way of thinking, considering the typical males in attendance, that is being desperate!


  1. This is also especially true in Michigan and Cleveland.

  2. Your illustration raises a point: do zaftig women have trouble matching bikini tops and nottoms?

  3. Plus-sized women are smart to grab the gusto right away.