Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Provocative Magazine Covers

Two provocative magazine covers caught my eye today; mags that I don't ordinarily read:

1. Newsweek cover, featuring a photograph of President Obama, has the caption "Why are Obama'a critics so dumb." I don't they'll sell a lot of copies in red states. Anyway, magazines do have a slant, and that's Newsweek's.

2. Maxim had a smaller caption: "Women who only want to have sex with you. How you can meet them." I doubt that any women's magazine could get away with a caption, "Men who only want to have sex with you. How you can meet them." Therein is the difference between men and women.

Ultimately, it's easier for a woman desirous of sex to find a obliging guy; but a guy wanting a roll in the hay has to look a bit for it.


  1. Sex? I used to know what that was...

  2. Newsweek has had a history of provocative captions. Apparently, it helps them sell magazines. That kind of publication may have seen its day, and they need to do ploys like that. Maybe they could take a page from Spots Illustrated and have a swimsuit issue!

  3. Only Fox News made a big thing about it.