Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Song to Ransom Pagan Babies To

My parents told me about this one:

“There’s a crimson banner flying
There’s a bloodstained flag unfurled
For the knights of Christ are marching
To the conquest of the world
There’s a brave white general leading
He has set their hearts aflame
And they’ll give their lifeblood freely
For the glory of his name
Won’t you answer ‘yes, I’m ready’
When they call the muster roll
Won’t you join the Holy Childhood
In its war for pagan souls.”

Apparently during the 1950's they solicited money from Catholic school children for the missions through the theory of ransoming pagan babies. This was done with a lot of social pressure, lest they spend their nickels and dimes on candy. Horrors! To sweeten the deal, the students got to choose the kid's name.

Who were these pagan baby vendors? What was the going rate?

Did any pagan baby get named Elvis? I think he was popular then.

The theme was very militaristic -- was this a product of the cold war?

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