Friday, March 2, 2012

Big Ten Hypocrisy

Their prissinesses, the University of Iowa, declined to invite the University of North Dakota to a track meet because of UND's team nicknames: The Fighting Sioux. They were being Goody Two-Shoes by excluding any team with a Native American nickname, despite the fact that it was the North Dakota legislature, and not the University, who reinstated the old team nickname.

However, they extended an invitation to the University of Illinois's Fighting Illini, claiming that they were contractually obligated to do so because Illinois and Iowa were both in the Big Ten.

I don't know if any trousers are on fire; but I smell the sweet fragrance of Big Ten hypocrisy!

At this time, MSN is conducting a poll asking, "Should UND change its name and logo?" Presently, if UND doesn't do it, the NCAA will forfeit all of the games that they won.

The results, as of 6:30 A.M. on March 2nd are:

73% No, the University should keep them 118,293 votes

6% Yes, the nickname and logo are offensive 9,627 votes

21% I don't care 34,744 votes


  1. Not only are we coming after you to change your mascot. After that we're going to make you change the name of your state. How about just 'North'? No wait. The Direction Association might not like that.

  2. Florida State Seminoles and Utah Utes were also given a pass, apparently. And what about ULL's Ragin' Cajuns?

    The NCAA has gone too far.

  3. You should live here in Disneyland-on-the-Potomac, where we go into paroxysms of major angst every few months over the Washington Redskins!

  4. I'll bet no one would have a cow about the Birmingham Rednecks......