Monday, March 26, 2012

Part-Time Strippers

A society columnist in Houston was recently identified as a part-time stripper.  Apparently, the Houston Chronicle doesn't pay their writers enough, or she does it for the fun.

The latter may be a possibility.  After all, the notorious Pink Pussycat in Windswept, ND had a notorious similar case.  The proprietor of the Pink Pussycat, one Buford Wilson, had enough of the drug-addled and unreliable strippers he has beforehand hired for his performers, so he fired them all.  After all, his club was a prime entertainment venue on the High Plains and he wanted it to keep its sterling reputation.

So he needed temps in a pinch.  To do this he had an ad run in the local weekly plus the big city publications, the Herald and the Dakotan.   Immediately his phone began to ring, and he asked each candidate to come in for an audition.

One was Brenda, the branch manager of a local bank, 35 and a little on the zaftig side.

Another was a skinny NDSU student named Heather who was working for "weed money."

Still another was Corinne, the girl who got tired working at a convenience store; stripping was more convenient for her lifestyle.

Helga, the organist from the Lutheran Church also signed up.  She was 4o+ and hoping to meet a husband this way.

There were several others eager to try their hand, but most avoided using the pole as part of their act.  Not

Hiring these as part-time strippers did have the effect of increasing attendance.  After all, the locals were particularly desirous of checking out the local talent.


  1. I can see that. I'd rather really check out the girl at the convenience store than some jaded druggie stripper.

  2. I think that watching a church organist strip would be a novelty.

  3. You made me look up another new word.

  4. A zaftig stripper would have a lot of collateral movement towatch.

  5. I think the best part was seeing the words "stripper" and "organist" in the same context ... and Angelique's comment is very perceptive.