Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hairy Armpits

On Thursday some forty Swedish women gathered at a Malmö square in the afternoon to taking a stand against the recent internet controversy over women's hairy armpits. Anni Isis, one of the protesters, declared that “We want to take a stand for all those that are insulted. It is about gender roles and letting everyone be themselves.” The demonstration was organized by the Malmö Feminist Network (Malmös Feministiska Nätverk).

Apparently, Sweden’s online basement-dwellers got worked up about one woman’s hairy armpit being exposed during a live television broadcast of the Melodifestivalen song contest finals on Saturday.

Apparently the person in question, Ehrin, was cheering the Swedish Eurovision candidate Loreen when her clearly visible underarm hair appeared momentarily on live TV and in the living rooms of an estimated 4.1 million Swedish television viewers. The nation was shocked, in a Swedish way. A Facebook user then managed to take a screenshot of Ehrin’s hair, which he posted online – an image which then spread like wildfire across the site.

Within hours, thousands of people had “liked” the image, and hundreds shared the image with their own followers on their own Facebook pages. This, in turn, caused some people to make rude remarks. But remember, thousands of people liked the image. Those would be the pro-hairy armpit faction.

Isis further commented, “It is proof that many live in a narrow-minded and normative world. We have to challenge these structures.” The women gathered in Malmö on Thursday had reacted to the massive online outcry that erupted against the woman with her scandalously unshaven hairy armpit.

Isn't Sweden cold, like North Dakota? Several women here don't shave their legs until late Spring, and sleveless dresses or shells are not taken out for several months.

Apparently, Swedes can behave as nonsensical as Republicans and Democrats.


  1. Apparently a lot of busybodies have nothing better to do, so they butt into other peoples' lives.

    This can be hairy at times.

  2. When girls in ND start growing hair on their backs I'm going to start getting worried.

  3. Sometimes it's nice to let things go.

  4. Only problem: when it comes time to wear a skirt or sleveless dress, there's a lot of hair removal. Bikini waxing is bad enough!

  5. Sometimes I think I'm the only man around who isn't bothered by unshaven ladies. Living in Europe in the mid- to late-70's will do that to you.

  6. BTW, here's what I wrote about armpits back in July of 2010: http://bilbosrandomthoughts.blogspot.com/2010/07/in-praise-of-humble-armpit.html