Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Peeper and I

At night a few years ago, as I was undressing in front of my bedroom mirror, I noticed one of the neighboring guys eyeing me through his partially-open curtain. As he was a harmless dork, and therefore not to be worried about, I did not suffer from the normal feelings of being put upon, violated, tresspassed, or such that you might feel upon discovery that you are the focus of voyeuristic attentions.

I read that guys who do this are intimidated by women; but that somehow they come to regard their being able to peek surreptiously gives them a quasi-dominance over the person they are viewing. (Understandably, I was curious; but did not take much psychology.) I reasoned that, if I were aware of the situation, and permitted him to do so up to a point, I would in fact be imposing dominance over him! It would be even more sensuous if he was unaware of the fact that I was aware of him!

Anyway, on some nights, my curtain would be drawn. On others, it would be open and I would grant him a performance. When I was in the mood, I would treat him to my shaving my legs (a summertime vanity only in North Dakota) or taking off my blouse or t-shirt and bra. When I was feeling very kind, I would walk around in my panties before my shower after having performed a mild strip-tease act.

I would occasionally encounter him in a coffee shop during the day, and pass some mild greeting to him, as a mild encouragement, should he work up his nerve. He didn't; he was as harmless as a lamb.

I don't think he ever caught on; and he was quite regular for several months. However, when the weather got too cold, he stopped.

I guess peeping is a summertime activity in North Dakota. Maybe when the geese remigrate north, he will reappear.
I wonder how much he suspects I know.


  1. I would not have gone as far as you have, but it does seem intriguing.

  2. Wouldn't you be egging a creep on. He could attack you.

  3. He could be a shy person, and needs some space. But approach him only in very publick places.

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